Evinrude Johnson Outboard Propellers - OMC for Yamaha, Mercury, Johnson, Evinrude, Suzuki outboard motors and sterndrives, view detailed factory parts in your outboard motor illustration.
Evinrude Johnson Outboard Propellers and OMC Propellers for every boating need. Aluminum and stainless 3 or 4 blade.
Evinrude Johnson OMC Propellers
Evinrude Propeller
Where the Power Meets the Water! Choosing the right propeller is the single most important decision you can make to get the best performance from your boat and outboard!

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The TBX Multiple Piece Propeller Hub System adds a new level of durability and reliability to the Raker II, Bass, Renegade and Cyclone propellers. TBX is designed to flex and cushion shock loads to help protect the lower unit drivetrain. The patented torsion sleeve and drive spline withstand extreme temperatures especially in high performance applications. A TBX prop hub kit comes with the propeller and the multi-piece design slips together keeping installation simple. Replacement parts are available in kits or separately.

Look for the TBX designation in the V6 prop chart to determine availability.

TBX Propeller Hub Kit P/N 177283 for V6 Evinrude/Johnson Outboards.
TBX Propeller Hub Kit P/N 177288 for V6 Competitor's Outboards.

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Hydrus™ High-Thrust Prop - FIRST IN QUALITY, STABILITY AND ENDURANCE. Introducing the HYDRUS™ high-thrust propeller designed and manufactured to meet the specific performance needs of pontoon boats and work boats. This three-blade prop provides an oversized blade area for maximum thrust and stability (it will keep its grip even when most of the weight is near the bow) and aggressive cupping for tight, balanced turning. The result? A high-thrust prop that bites the water and hangs on tight.  
Renegade® Bass Propellers have sharp leading edges and contoured cupping bite and hold the water. The innovative 4-blade design provides a ride that is smooth, powerful and fast. Ideal for bass tournament style boats.  
Cyclone™ Propellers offer BIG PERFORMANCE FOR BIG WATER. When you need a prop that can hold course straight and true in all water conditions, trust the CYCLONE™ prop to maintain compass headings and stay hooked up in big water. Designed for heavier and twin-engine boats as well as runabouts.  
Raker®Propellers are specially designed for building up engine RPMs & getting on plane faster. A great prop in surfacing conditions, especially when the boat is running over 50 m.p.h. Perfect for bass boats & high performance boats.  
Viper™Propellers longer swept blades and a larger diameter give this prop a better grip on the water, faster acceleration and greater top end speed. Excellent on any recreational boat, from runabouts and cruisers to deck boats.  
SST®Stainless Steel Propellers  are still the best in its class! Since stainless steel is five times stronger than aluminum, the SST can be designed and cast with thinner blades...blades that are cupped to provide better performance.  
Evinrude/Johnson Aluminum Props are die cast with a custom alloy giving greater strength & longer life than ordinary propellers. This means virtually vibration free performance.  
Rebel™ Propeller - OFFSHORE AND CRUISING High polish stainless steel designed and engineered for efficient midrange cruising. Improved in fuel economy with longer cruising range for use on offshore boats, large runabouts and pontoon boats.  
The stainless steel Rogue Propeller for 20" V4 models provides faster acceleration and faster top speeds in stern heavy boats. Flats boats operators will appreciate this propellers ability to lift the transom and accelerate cleaner in shallow water. Rogue propellers have a polished, high luster finish and carry a 3-year limited warranty. Available only for outboards with a V4 sized prop shaft.  

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