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Yamaha Outboard Propellers for every boating need. Aluminum and stainless 3 or 4 blade.
Genuine Yamaha Propellers

Maximum Outboard Performance Requires The Right Propeller.
  Discover an exciting new level of performance. Pair a Yamaha Outboard with a propeller that’s engineered specifically to harness its power—a Genuine Yamaha Propeller. Each propeller is designed by Yamaha engineers using proprietary information, manufactured to Yamaha’s stringent standards for quality and tested for performance. Nothing will enhance your outboard’s acceleration, top-end speed, handling and fuel efficiency quite like this.

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HS4 “HIGH SEAS” PROPELLERS Many large boats can benefit from excellent acceleration, quick planing, and maximum ‘grip’ on the water. For these craft, Yamaha offers our HS4 “High Seas” line of four-bladed stainless steel propellers.HS4 “High Seas” propellers are designed for V6 four stroke and 200~300 hp two stroke applications, with thrust to plane, planing at slower outboard speeds, and resistance to ventilation in high seas.  
PONTOON PERFORMANCE PROPELLERS Given their wide array of operational applications and uses, pontoon boats frequently require special propellers for maximum performance and efficiency. That’s why Yamaha proudly features our Pontoon Performance Series of propellers.  
SALTWATER SERIES XL  Designed exclusively for the new V8 5.3L four stroke F350, Saltwater Series XL propellers are the largest, strongest propellers Yamaha has ever made. Saltwater Series XL propellers have more diameter and 21% more blade area that even our largest Saltwater Series II™ propellers. This provides large offshore boats with plenty of power to plane, acceleration, and top-end speed.  
SALTWATER SERIES II propellers are a highly-polished, larger diameter design. Aggressive rake and extra cupping on the blades provides superior midrange fuel efficiency, along with excellent anti-ventilation characteristics, longer cruising range and better handling in rough seas. Designed for use with V6 engines from 225hp to 300hp.  
RELIANCE® SERIES  Propellers are designed y for use with Yamaha’s F150 engine and it also provides excellent all-around performance in outboard applications up to 300 horsepower. Faster  and having better grip than Yamaha’s proven Black Steel propellers in most applications, Reliance Series propellers are highly-polished stainless steel.  
V MAX® SERIES Propellers are designed for more acceleration and higher top-end speed than either the Pro Series or Performance XL Series, they also provide superior handling and “grip”, not to mention added strength. Perfectly matches 3.1 and 3.3 Liter V MAX® powerhouses to today’s premium bass boats for legendary V MAX® speed and handling.  
PRO SERIES™  Propellers are the choice for single-engine, high-speed boats requiring “bow lift,” such as bass boats. Three pitch sizes in the 70hp-130hp range and four pitch sizes for 150hp to 225hp V6 Yamaha outboards.  
PERFORMANCE XL™ SERIES is similar to the Pro Series, but designed with larger blades for better performance in specific applications. Available in three pitches, right-hand rotation only. Fits 3.3L 200hp to 300hp V MAX® engines.  
PERFORMANCE SERIES is a polished-steel propeller option between Standard Black Steel propellers and the more expensive Pro, Reliance, and Saltwater Series props. Available in three or four blade design, right and left-hand rotation.  
PAINTED STAINLESS STEEL SERIES is an excellent general-purpose propeller choice. Stainless steel construction allows for a blade that is thinner, more efficient and more durable than an aluminum propeller, with a cost-effective, black paint coating.  Available in right and left-hand rotation for twin-engine boats.  
SMALL HUB SERIES is a highly-specialized propeller designed for specific applications using 70hp – 200hp engines. Features a smaller, “exhaust-over-the-hub” design, allowing the engine to develop rpm quicker for faster hole shots.  
ALUMINUM SERIES Yamaha Propeller design and performance in a low-cost, lightweight propeller. A good all-around choice for your Yamaha outboard.  
Yamaha DUAL THRUST™ SERIES propeller is the answer for heavy loads such as sailboats and pontoons. There’s even a High-Thrust™ with a large diameter and low pitch (14"d x 11"p), designed especially for use with the Yamaha T50 or T60 on a pontoon boat.  

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